Sexual Assault and Primary Prevention Education

Sexual Assault Program

Ending the Silence of Sexual Assault

Focusing Families is committed to providing survivors of Sexual Assault and their families a safe place to share, learn and become empowered in the process of healing. We are here to help you heal.

Myths About Sexual Assault :

  • Sexual assault occurs only among strangers.
  • Sexual Assault only happens to women and not to men.
  • The victim provokes sexual assault.

Facts About Sexual Assault :

  • Over 50% of all sexual assaults involve acquaintances or friends.
  • Over 90,000 men are victims of sexual assault each year.
  • Someone's actions or dress cannot send a message "asking for sexual assault".
  • Studies show that 71% of sexual assaults are planned in advance, regardless of a person's demeanor or apparel at the time of the assault.

Program Features :

Crisis Office Hours

Mon - Fri : 8 am - 5 pm Crisis Intervention

Assistance with immediate physical and emotional needs relating to sexual assault crisis. Crisis Intervention is available during regular business hours (8 am - 5 pm) at our Crisis Center located at 910 9th St. Hempstead, TX 77445

For after hours call the crisis hotline at 979-826-0000.

Individual Counseling

Face to face counseling

Emergency Lodging/Shelter Advocacy

Our advocates have completed 40 hours of specialized training that is required and certified by the Office of the Attorney General. Advocacy is available during regular business hours. Accompaniment Services

Medical Accompaniment, Court Accompaniment, Legal Advocacy, Crime Victim Compensation and Social Services

Community Education

Involvement and presentations in community, schools and social services.

Public Education

Trainings involving law enforcement, criminal justice, medical, human services, clergy, and other professions.

Volunteer Program

Training of volunteers to help provide advocacy in crisis intervention, accompaniment and follow-up services to victims of Sexual Assault

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