Outreach & Education

Sex Trafficking

Sex Trafficking can be difficult to spot, and victims can be invisible because most people do not recognize the signs.  In this program, you can learn the signs of sex trafficking.  Reporting sex trafficking could save a life.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

One class designed for the employees, and another for the employers. If your company is in need of sexual harassment awareness and how to stop it or prevent it from happening, then please call us today to schedule your 1 hour class. Certificates available upon completion.  

Sexual Assault 

Learn more about the warning signs of sexual assault, now to protect yourself, and how to help others who maybe victims of this type of violence.  What is grooming?  What is the difference between sexual assault and rape?

Child Abuse in Domestic Violence during Covid-19

During these unprecedented times, we all need to stay conscious of our neighbors, friends, family, church members and acquaintances.  This webinar brings about awareness of the dangers of child abuse within domestic violence during this pandemic.  Learn the signs so you can reach out to others in need to help fight against child abuse and domestic violence.

Together we can not only flatten the curve of this virus but also help those who are experiencing fear and pain from their abuser.

Children who Abuse their Parents

In this webinar learn more about juveniles and adult children abusing their parents and why it can be difficult to prove in court. 

Children who Witness Domestic Violence

Learn the signs of children who witness domestic violence. This can effect them physically, emotionally and psychlogically. How can you help? Call us today to schedule your class to learn more. 

Techniques of Deception 

Learn about how offenders are able to fool the outside world while behind closed doors they are able to abuse their victims. Even the nicest person in the outside world, could be very violent in private. 

Financial Abuse

This webinar brings about awareness about financial abuse. Learn the different ways the offenders of domestic violence use money to manipulate their victims into staying in the relationship. 

Stalking Awareness

Stalking can become very dangerous. In this webinar, learn the behaviours and signs to protect yourself from this type of violence. 


Did you know that it only takes between 7-11 seconds before passing out while being strangled? Learn more about this and other signs of strangulation. Knowing the signs could potentially save a life. 

Facilitated "Cut It Out" program by Professional Beauty Association

"The beauty community against domestic abuse" This class was designed for hairdressers in salons to learn about domestic violence and how to spot possible signs in their clients. Also, how and when to give resources with materials provided for them through both Professional Beauty Association, and Focusing Families.

Focusing Families Presentation

Want to know more about our agency and the ways we serve victims of intimate partner violence? Call us today to schedule presentation to learn more. 



To request a presentation from Focusing Families, call 979-826-3290 or email malackey@focusing-families.org



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