Battering Intervention

Battering Intervention

Men & Women's Family Violence Intervention and Prevention Program

18 week Battering Intervention & Prevention Program. Focusing Families BIPP is accredited and funded by Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) - CJAD. BIPP classes consist of groups for family violence offenders, in which offenders are held accountable for past abusive behavior and taught the fundamentals of leading a nonviolent lifestyle. Although BIPPS work directly with offenders, the underlying goal of these programs is to enhance the safety of battered men, women and their children. Texas Legislators and family violence advocates worked together to form a system that establishes a method through which agencies working with family violence offenders must be accredited as operating in compliance with BIPP guidelines. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice-Community Justice Assistance Division (TDCJ-CJAD) is the governing agency for BIPP programs.

The following intake/group sessions are available in Brenham and Hempstead.

**Due to Covid 19, we are TEMPORARILY offering online intakes/group sessions via Zoom.**


Intake / Orientation Fee : $55 non-refundable

Group Session:
18 Weekly Sessions
2 hr group sessions / week.
Fee / Session based on Income level.

For more information please contact the Family Resource Services Coordinator at 979-826-3290

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